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The classes are divided age-appropriately with a curriculum designed individually for each class. 


6 Months-2 Years

The emphasis in this room is to establish a sense of trust with our parents and children and to develop a sense of belonging where the environment is warm, caring and nurturing. The room is set up with a cosy book area for quiet time, a home corner to encourage imaginative role play and open shelving with various age appropriate toys to allow the children free choice in their play.

Possum's and Wallabies

2-4 Years

Our focus in the younger classes is working on social and emotional development while fostering the children's self help, confidence and independence. The Staff want to develop each child's sense of identity by building their self esteem and developing friendships. The program provides opportunities for teacher directed activities as well as time in the day for the children to make their own choices using various areas including the block corner, home corner, sandpit.


4-6 years


In this group, we continue to further extend the children's skills in all areas of development including preparing the children for school through a comprehensive school readiness program. The highlight of our learning journey is when we have visitors coming in to talk to the group and also when we take our children on various outings to enhance our learning program.

Our Learning-Our Program

At Hug-a-Bub we believe that "Happy children make Happy Parents" and when a child is happy they will want to enjoy their day as they learn.The first few years of any child’s life are crucial for his or her future development. We aim to develop the necessary skills for all our children to leave Hug-a-Bub with a sense of being proud of who they are and what they can achieve.


We want them to be a "mensch" (a good and kind person) and to value themselves and those around them. We want them to be respectful of the adults in their lives, their peers and their environment. Our stimulating and imaginative learning program is about Belonging, Being and Becoming.

BELONGING - We strive for all our children to understand that they are part of a group and feel they are part of a family - The Hug-a-Bub Family. When our children have a sense of belonging they are more confident, feel more secure, be more creative and are more likely to explore the world of learning.

BEING - We want our children to understand that they are accepted for who they are and know that we care about them. Our Staff show respect to each individual child and when our children have a sense of being they build and maintain relationships with others and can take part in their life's journey of learning and face challenges in everyday life.

BECOMING - Our children during their time with us gain knowledge, extend their understandings, create relationships and develop skills necessary to be able to participate actively in society.

My daughter started at Hug a Bub last year when she was 2.5 yrs old.

She loves coming to Kindy and can't wait to give me a kiss goodbye so she can go play.


I have been so grateful to experience such a warm, nurturing daycare centre run by Lesley and her staff. 

I would recommend Hug a Bub to anybody who's looking for a centre that is managed beautifully, has warm caring staff and a jewish flavour.

Shari Tremback


Hug a Bub and it's staff is a home away from home for our children. They have supported us during good times and bad providing a safe, fun and caring environment where our children feel loved.


There has never been a day when one of my little ones has said they don't want to attend

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