Our Team

Hug-a-Bub prides itself on the high quality and longevity of its Staff. Our families praise and love our highly experienced, passionate and dedicated Staff. They are nurturing and caring and work as an integrated team  providing a warm, welcoming and child centered environment

Hug-a-Bub is committed to the professional development of all our teachers. Staff undertake regular training and are constantly updating their professional knowledge in all areas of child development.


On staff we also have a teacher who implements the Davening and Jewish Studies program daily across the three classes as well as our regular Playball coach who implements the weekly program. We strongly believe in early intervention and therefore provide Occupational Therapy and Speech screening, with parental approval, for children who we feel may need further assistance. These external specialists work closely with our staff and have been part of our team since Hug-a-Bub started.

Lesley Shneier - Supervisor

Jasmine Bullivant - Bilbys

(Maternity Leave)

Erica Morais  - Bilbys

Helen Muir - Bilbys

Manchu Tamang Giri - Bilbys

Joanne Dworkin - Possums

Michal Deckel - Possums

Linda Isdale - Possums

Danielle Garson - Possums (Maternity Leave)

Lily Dai - Possums

Ettie Abisedon - Wallabies

Dionne Kallmeyer - Wallabies

Samantha Chertok - Wallabies

Tracy Munitz - Joeys

Mushkie Sebban - Joeys

Tracy-Lee Shneier - Joeys

(Maternity Leave)

Jade Turton - All Classes

Naru Chhantyal - Support Staff

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